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Our vision is to build a trusted, more human internet

Nametag is the most modern way for companies to trust the identity of their customers - online, on the phone, or anywhere. We enable companies to raise their standard for customer support, transaction authorization, and secure online access.

We believe privacy is a human right and that end-users should own their own data - both of which are fundamental to promoting safety and trust online while curbing the rise in digital fraud (read more About Us online).

The step by step flow of how identity verification works using Nametag

Nametag prompts users to scan a QR code or follow a link to launch an identity verification experience from their mobile device - in seconds.

Our agreements

In the spirit of transparency, we have developed a standard Cloud Services Agreement to help streamline procurement, which is structured for mutual benefit. This standard Cloud Services Agreement applies to all of our commercial relationships.

If a separate agreement is required to serve a specific purpose, that will take precedence over the standard terms. These agreements, along with our other legal documentation, are located below.

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Do you have questions about the contents of these agreements? View some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers below.

Trust is earned

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Our mission is to bring authenticity to the internet and enable people to build more trusted relationships. We’re active participants in organizations who share our beliefs, and audited to industry-leading standards.

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