Interactive identity validation

You can use Nametag to validate the identity of people over the phone, via email or interactive chat. This is useful for cases where, for example, a customer support representative needs confidence that the person they are talking to is who they claim to be.

If you are joining a team who are using the Nametag interactive validation console, you don’t need to do anything other than wait for the invitation email and follow the instructions in that.

If you are creating a new team to use the Nametag interactive validation console, follow the steps below to get started, then use the Members area in the Team section to invite other team members.

Logging in

Go to the Nametag validation console at and scan the QR code with your phone’s camera to sign in. The Nametag console uses Nametag itself to verify your identity. Scan the QR code to sign in with your ID.

Scan the QR code to sign in
Scan the QR code to sign in"

Once you are signed in, you will be on the Customization page:

Nametag splash screen

Click on “Send a Request” to navigate to the Request Proof page

Navigate to Request Proof
Navigate to Request Proof

Requesting proof

Nametag offers two methods to request proof of identity. You can either generate a one-time link and send it directly to them, or you can enter their phone number and we’ll send them the link via text message.

Create a one-time link that you send to the person you’d like to verify. This is useful when the person is chatting or emailing you from a mobile device. When they click it, they’ll be prompted to go through the process of verifying their identity.

Create a one-time link
Create a one-time link
After creating a one-time link
After creating a one-time link

Press Copy link and send one-time link to the customer in whichever way you like, e.g. via chat or email.

Enter phone number

Sends a text message with a verification link. This is useful when the person is on the phone with you. The person will receive a text inviting them to either launch our app clip or to download the Nametag app and go through the process of verifying their identity.

Entering a phone number
Entering a phone number

The text message we send to the user will look like:

Click https​:// to confirm your identity with your-company

Enterprise customers can customize the content of the text message by contacting Nametag support at

Validating identity

Whichever method you choose, after requesting proof, you will see that request is pending in the Status of requests section:

A pending verification request
A pending verification request

When the person has verified their identity, the box will turn green and you will see the person’s verified information:

A completed request with verified information
A completed request with verified information

When you are finished with this person’s identity, press the X to dismiss the information card.


The following is a typical scenario you might use to validate a customer identity. For example, a customer may call to request sensitive changes to their account, to reset their password, or unlock their account after suspicious activity was detected.

  • Support Representative: Hello, thank you for calling Acme, how can I help you?

  • Customer: I am locked out of my account and need help resetting my password

  • Support Representative: I’m happy to help you with that; To keep your account safe we need to verify your identity with your driver’s license or passport. I will send you a text message with a link that you can use to scan your ID. Can I have your mobile number please?

  • Customer: My mobile number is 212-555-1212

  • Support Representative: enters the number into Nametag; Nametag sends a text message to the customer.

  • Customer: receives text, enrolls in Nametag using their ID and presses Confirm Identity

    Customer receives text message
    The customer receives the text message
    Customer is prompted to open the App Clip
    After tapping the link in the text message, the customer is prompted to open the App Clip or the Nametag application
    Customer opens the App Clip
    The customer opens the App Clip
    Customer shares validated data
    The customer shares the data from their validated ID
  • Support Representative: sees the customer’s validated identity

    Thank you for verifying your identity! Let’s reset your password now.

  • Customer: Thanks!