Configuring SAML SSO to Nametag with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD)

This guide will walk you through the steps to configure SAML SSO to Nametag with Entra ID.


In order to configure Nametag for single sign on with Entra ID, you must have:

  • An Entra ID account and be an administrator.
  • A Nametag organization and an account with the Owner role.

Creating an Enterprise Application in Entra ID

Log in to the Azure Portal and search for Entra ID.

From the Entra ID console’s Overview tab, navigate to the Enterprise applications and click New application.

Choose Create your own application. Enter Nametag for What is the name of your app? and click Create.

From the left side, select Properties. Download the Nametag logo from and upload it to Entra ID. Press Save.

From the left side, select Single sign-on and choose SAML.

Setting the Basic SAML Configuration in Entra ID

In Nametag, click Configure, then Organization and choose Sign in with SAML SSO.

In the Entra ID console press Edit in the Basic SAML Configuration tab.

  • Add the Identifier (Entity ID) from Entra ID and copy Nametag’s Entity ID and paste in Entra ID.
  • Add a Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) from Entra ID and copy Nametag’s sign in URL
  • Leave the remaining fields blank.

Press Save.

Gathering information from Entra ID

In Entra ID, locate the SAML Certificates section and download Certificate (Base64) and open the resulting file in a text editor. Copy the contents of this file into Identity provider certificate in Nametag.

Locate the Set up Nametag section. Copy the Login URL into the Sign in URL field in Nametag.

In the same section, copy Microsoft Entra Identifier into the Entity ID field in Nametag.

Create groups in Entra ID for each Nametag role

From the root of the Entra ID console, navigate to Groups

Entra ID must provide Nametag with a group claim that maps to one of the defined roles in Nametag. We recommend that you create four groups in Entra ID, one for each role in Nametag.

In Entra ID, navigate to Directory, then Groups and create a group for each role in Nametag:

Nametag Role Entra ID Group Name Description
Owner Nametag Owners Full access to the organization, all environments, and their configuration
Admin Nametag Admins Full access to their environments and their configuration
User Nametag Users Access to all requests and detailed results in their environments
Limited Nametag Limited Access to only their own requests and simplified results in their environments

Note: To prevent you from losing access to your Nametag account, we require that your Entra user account is a member of the Nametag Owners group in order to save the Nametag SAML configuration.

Export group membersip via SAML

Return to the Nametag enterprise application, click SAML on the sidebar. Find the Attributes and Claims box and click Edit.

Click Add new claim and type group for the Name field.

Expand Claim conditions and add a condition corresponding to each group:

  • For User type choose Members.
  • For Selected Groups choose the group your created, e.g. Nametag Owners.
  • For Source choose Attribute.
  • For Value type Nametag Owners

Once you’ve created all four claim conditions, press Save.

Assign Entra Users or Groups to Nametag

In Entra, navigate to the Users and groups tab of the Nametag enterprise application.

Add the users or groups that should have access to Nametag and press Assign.

Testing your configuration

Note: Nametag’s configuration is not saved until the configuration has been successfully tested using Nametag. Until you press Test configuration in Nametag, the Entra ID console’s Test this application button will not work.

Press Test configuration in Nametag.

You will be prompted to sign in to Entra ID, if needed, and then be sent back to Nametag. When prompted, press Save this sign-in method.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured SAML SSO to Nametag with Entra ID.