Commitment to Consent

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Commitment to Consent

Last updated December 7, 2022

Our mission is to bring authenticity to the internet and enable people to build more trusted relationships. Consent is fundamental in building trust - and it is apparent in all aspects of our business and product.

Our Beliefs

Our founding beliefs are the basis for our actions. We share these publicly, including on our website in the “About Us” section.

  • We believe privacy is a human right. Your information deserves to be privacy protected.

  • We believe you (the user) own your own data - and you should be in total control of how much you share, who you share it with, and when you share it.

Our Privacy Policy

A deep commitment to privacy is best outlined in our privacy policy. We’re proud of our approach, and that our policy can be summarized in 10 words which are understandable to everyone:

We only share information when you specifically ask us to.

Our Security

We’re passionate about building a more secure internet, and we lead by example.

Nametag is a digital security and identity platform. We provide validated identity on the web, in person, and over the phone with a low-friction enrollment process that positively validates people.

The person authenticated by the identification retains control over who is using their information, while the company or person using their information has no need to store PII. Everyone—people and companies—is more secure using Nametag.

To provide this, we must make sure that your sensitive data is secure, and protecting it is our most important responsibility. We’re committed to being transparent about our security practices and helping you understand our approach.

Our approach is outlined in detail (available for additional review), and Nametag has completed steps necessary for AICPA SOC2 Type II certification with an external auditor.

Our User Experience

We’re proud of the innovative user experience we have brought to the security space, and we will continue to iterate how and where we ask for consent throughout the product experience. As screens and user flow will continue to evolve based on usability research and feedback, it’s less practical to commit a certain screen design as it is to outline our product approach. Further detail below will help to provide illustrative examples.

Consistent with Apple’s recent developer guidance, we ensure our privacy practices - and specific details related to how user data is collected and used - are transparent and easy to understand. This is clear to the user when they visit the corresponding app store to download our full mobile app, and that link is promoted to them intentionally at multiple points throughout their use of an App Clip experience.

Users are prompted for explicit consent and again provided a link to our full terms of use before any personal information is shared with Nametag. Users are also provided with “why do i need this?” contextual pop-up menus at each relevant screen, so they can make an informed choice and have understanding in what action they are taking.

Sample screens:

Users are prompted for explicit consent before any data is shared with a company. They see explicit detail on the company requesting, the time period of intended use, the details which will be shared, and the purpose of the action - all before they tap the “share” or “sign in” button, with wording designed to match the intended action.

Right to revoke

Users have direct access to view any information they have provided Nametag, in addition to which third-parties and the specific data elements they have explicitly consented to sharing their data with. Our full app experience gives users the ability to “revoke” these sharing permissions and/or to delete their account and all information which might be stored within their Nametag. This is a progressive and advanced implementation of self service removal, in the spirit of CCPA and other regulations. In case the user does not use the full app experience, they are invited to do so at the end of an App Clip experience, with the specific mention that the full app affords them this functionality.


We conduct ongoing user testing and a continuous development process based on user feedback. Specific feedback is always welcome:

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