Configure your organization

To make any changes to your organization or customize a request, always start by navigating to the "Configure" tab in the top right.

Setting up a new organization

While we are an invite-only platform, we ask that you contact a member of our support team to get your organization set up with a trial or an account.

Adding members to your organization

To add a member to your organization, click on the "Members" tab in the bottom left. Here, you'll see a list of your organization's current members and what permissions they have.

Enter the person's email address (ideally a work email or one connected to the organization in case your organization has any domain restrictions set up, or plans to in the future).

Finally, select a permission level. There are three permission levels, as described here.

Once you've sent the invitation, tell the person to check their email and follow the setup instructions to get started with Nametag.

Removing the caution banner

If you see a red caution banner on your account, it indicates that your organization is using a trial version of Nametag Copilot. This trial is fully functional, but is intended for testing purposes only. To remove the caution banner, contact us and we'll efficiently verify that your organization is legitimate and get you up and running.

If all of this makes sense, move on to creating a request template.