How to verify your identity with Nametag Autopilot

How to verify yourself with Nametag Autopilot

Nametag Autopilot is a faster, more secure way to reset your MFA tokens and passwords. With Autopilot, you can quickly recover your accounts and get back to work while avoiding the hassle of contacting your company's IT helpdesk.

Nametag's user flow is simple and intuitive, and requires only what you already have in your pocket: your smartphone, and a government-issued photo ID.

1. Scan QR code

Navigate to your company’s custom Nametag account recovery webpage. Enter your work email, then scan the QR code to launch Nametag.

Note that you don't have to download an app: Nametag uses native iOS and Android features to create an app-like experience without making you download anything.

2. Verify your identity

Follow the prompts to scan the front and back of your government-issued ID, and take a selfie. Nametag leverages a unique combination of proprietary AI models, facial biometrics, and cryptographic seucrity to verify the authenticity of your ID and selfie, and then make sure they match.

3. Recover access

Return to your company's account recovery webpage. It will automatically updat, giving you the option to reset your MFA tokens or passwords.

Manage and delete your data

Nametag believes that privacy is a fundamental human right. You can view, manage, and delete your own data at any time through our full app.

To learn more about Nametag's data privacy and security practices, read our FAQ.