Step 4. Launch Copilot

Step 4: Launch Nametag Copilot

Your Nametag Copilot instance is now set up, customized, and ready to use. Your employee helpdesk or customer support agents can now sending verification requests to people asking for password resets, transfers, account changes, and other actions. All that’s left to do is start using it!

How to verify someone with Nametag Copilot →

If you want, we’ll be happy to help you create a holistic communications plan for announcing and explaining Nametag to your agents, customers, or employees.

Lastly, a note: We often hear that deploying Nametag Copilot can seem anti-climatic; people can’t quite believe that it’s so fast and easy! But what’s never an anti-climax is the results: right from day one, you’ll. And over time, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve put an end to social engineering attacks at your helpdesk.

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