Step 3. Customize Nametag

Step 3: Customize Nametag

Customize the page your users will use to recover their accounts. Nametag creates and hosts this page for you automatically. All you have to do is choose a URL and add your company’s branding so that users know they’re at the right place. You can set the public name users see, add your logo, and choose your brand colors. 

You can also refer to our admin documentation for detailed instructions on configuring and customizing your self-service site: configure a self-service site.

Adding members to your organization

To add a member to your organization, click  the "Members" tab in the bottom-left. Here, you'll see a list of your organization's current members and their permissions.

Enter the person's email address and select a permissions level. Then click "Send" and tell the person to check their email.

Note: Be sure to use the same email domain as your organization. For example, if you signed up with the email address, your invitee's email should also have the domain.

Once they receive the invitation, your invitee can follow the instructions to sign up for Nametag. They will be automatically added to your organization.