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Everything you need to know in order to scan your ID and successfully prove your identity using Nametag.
What is Nametag?
Nametag is an identity verification platform that companies use to protect your accounts. We help you get into your accounts by verifying your identity, while stopping anyone else from pretending to be you.
How do I open Nametag?
To ensure your accounts are adequately protected, Nametag requires that you verify your identity using the high-resolution camera on a mobile device.

We offer 'App Clips' on iOS and 'Instant Apps' on Android (for eligible devices) – which allow you to open Nametag without needing to download an app.

If you encounter any issues or are not presented with one of these 'quick app' options (some devices may be ineligible), we recommend that you download our app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and then try opening the link again.
Is Nametag safe to use? Is my privacy protected?
Our deep commitment to privacy is best outlined in our privacy policy. We go above and beyond basic regulatory requirements by following a data privacy practice that can be summarized in one sentence:

We only share information when you specifically ask us to do so.
Does Nametag sell my data?
No, we do not sell your information nor will we ever do so. Protecting your privacy is why we exist. We want to empower you to make informed choices about how you share personal information.
What ID types are accepted?
Nametag automatically recognizes and scans documents from over 240 countries. Still, there are some ID types we are not yet able to process. If you've followed all of the on-screen instructions and your ID still isn't scanning, it's possible that we don't accept your ID type. If you have a passport on hand, we recommend trying that, or any other alternative ID type you may have on hand.

The ID must have basic information about you, such as a name, a photo of you, and a birthday. It must be issued by a government, not by your employer or another institution.
Why won't my ID scan?
If your ID isn't being processed automatically, we recommend carefully reading all of the on-screen instructions and then trying again. Hints often pop up while you're scanning to help identify issues with your environment.

Some issues we see occasionally:
– Not enough light on the ID
– Glare on the ID from a light source
– Scanning on a white background (ID documents tend to blend in)
– Not a valid form of ID

If you notice any of these problems, fix them and then try again. If you're not having any luck after several tries, continue through the flow and submit your ID for review.
Should I submit my ID for review? What does that mean?
If you've read and followed all of the on-screen instructions and your ID still isn't working after several tries, continue to the end of the flow and submit your ID for review.

In this process, a trained professional from the Nametag team will check the validity of your ID in a secure, privacy-preserving environment, to make sure it's really you. This typically happens within one business day.
I've submitted my ID for review. Now what?
If the scans you've submitted are sufficient to prove your identity, we'll approve you. If you have notifications enabled, we'll notify you when you're approved. Otherwise, check back into the Nametag mobile app (or re-launch it with a new link if needed) to check on the status of your review.

If relevant, you may need to return to Nametag after your ID is approved in order to press the brightly-colored sharing button at the bottom of the screen and complete the process. Otherwise, you're all set.
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