Integrates with ticketing platforms like:

Integrated with ServiceNow for password and MFA resetsIntegrated with Zendesk for agent-assisted password and MFA resets right from Zendesk

Send verification requests and view the results right from your ticketing tool of choice.

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Integrates with IAM and MFA providers like:

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User Experience

An identity verification experience loved by good users, hated by bad actors

Image of someone saying they forgot their password and receiving a link to verify their identity with Nametag

1. Prompt Nametag anywhere

Share a link via your normal channels or direct people to your Nametag microsite. Users tap the link or scan a QR code to open Nametag on their phone, no app download required.
Image of someone scanning their driver's license

2. Verify their identity

Nametag uses our unique identity verification technology to scan the user’s government-issued ID, match it to a live selfie, and ensure that both are unaltered and aren't deepfakes.
Image of a successful identity verification result with Nametag

3. Act with confidence

Self-service users can reset their own MFA or passwords without needing to involve support. Prompted verifications update in real time, so agents can focus on resolving tickets quickly.
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Secure your helpdesk

You’ve come to the right place. Nametag secures your employee helpdesk and protects your support staff against the tactics favored by Scattered Spider and other organized hacker groups around the world.

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