Protect your customers

Nametag verifies your customers in seconds through effortless user flows that improve experiences while preventing impersonations and account takeovers.
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greater agent efficiency
faster resolutions
better customer experience
saved per password reset
increase security and reduce friction

Quickly verify your users at critical moments

Image of a support ticket with someone asking to transfer their pointsImage of a support ticket with someone locked out of their accountImage of a support ticket with someone who can't access their authenticator appImage of a support ticket with someone asking to add a new beneficiaryImage of a support ticket with someone asking to set up their new phoneImage of a support ticket with someone asking to send funds
improve support efficiency

Let Nametag do the work of "identity detective"

Image of someone saying they forgot their password and receiving a link to verify their identity with Nametag

1. Prompt Nametag anywhere

Send a link via text message, copy/paste, or automated prompt. Nametag opens a native experience on the user's mobile device.
Image of someone scanning their driver's license

2. Verify their identity

AI-powered auto-capture scans the customer's government-issued ID and matches it to a live selfie to ensure they're both valid and match.
Image of a successful identity verification result with Nametag

3. Provide better service

Verification results automatically update in your agent console in real time, so you can quickly proceed to resolving the customer's issues.
customer authentication solutions
Option 1: accelerate Tickets

Out-of-the-box identity console

Nametag sets up in under 5 minutes, adding a powerful security layer without any integration work required. Just customize the branding and messaging so customers know it's really you.

Support agents send verification requests via chat, SMS, or email with just a few clicks, then see the results update in real time.

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Image of the Nametag identity verification agent console

Integrate with platforms like:

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Send Nametag verifications through your support platform of choice.

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Option 2: Deflect Tickets

Self-service account recoveries

Deflect account recovery tickets entirely by enabling customers to securely reset their own passwords without needing to engage customer support resources at all.

Customers verify themselves with Nametag, then securely reset their passwords or MFA tokens on their own, no support needed.

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Image of a webpage where users can scan a QR code to initiate the Nametag ID verification process
Option 3: Integrate nametag

Use Nametag for secure customer authentication

Integrate Nametag to bring our strong customer authentication solutions into your product or preferred workflows. Add a powerful security layer to high-risk transactions and account changes while improving user experiences.

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Image showing a website that integrated Nametag to verify peoples' identities
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California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 Compliant

Verify someone through our free trial, or get in touch to explore Nametag's customer and employee verification solutions for your organization.

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