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Meet HumanAuth

Devices get lost, so authenticate the human

Verify the person behind the device

Nametag’s unique ID verification technology combines AI-powered facial biometrics and ID scanning with cutting-edge mobile security. We authenticate the actual person behind the device, unlike other MFA and 2FA solutions which verify devices and ownership, not people.

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Verify your identity once, and your ID is bound to your device. The next time you sign in, you can use Nametag to authenticate yourself instantly.
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Even if you lose your phone, switch devices, or even change your name, Nametag can still identify and verify you as the same person.
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Implement anywhere with a few lines of code

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In your mobile app

Use our mobile SDK to create a custom, secure verification flow.

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On your web platform

Authenticate users anywhere, no matter what device they're using.

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At your support desk

Quickly verify people when they contact your support center.


Get in touch to explore how you can integrate Nametag's unique OAuth-based passwordless MFA solutions into your user flows.

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