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Peek behind the scenes of a Nametag verification

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A verification request is initiated via Nametag's self-service portal or a helpdesk agent.

Nametag leverages the cryptographic security of Apple and Android themselves to prevent injection attacks and stop bad actors from using AI-generated deepfakes.

The user consents to share biometric data.

Our proprietary AI models verify that the user's ID document is genuine. If an attacker tries to present an AI-generated deepfake or altered document, they won't get through.

AI-powered facial biometrics and liveness detection models verify that the user's selfie is genuine and not manipulated, and that it matches their government-issued ID scan.

The user consents to share just the information needed to verify them, nothing more.

You can request location data for an additional layer of security and assurance. If you do, the user is first notified and asked for their consent to provide this information.

The verification request is completed.

Your helpdesk agent (or Nametag's self-service account recovery flow) now have all the information they need to determine whether this user's identity matches the account.

Ready to step up your identity security?

Nametag improves security, reduces costs, and improve experiences at your IT helpdesk and customer support center.
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For second-time use and onwards, users only have to re-scan their face to verify.
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Even if you lose your phone, switch devices, or change your name.
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Use the Nametag Console to instantly send ID requests via text, email, or support chat. Add team members, customize branding and messaging, and view verified results.

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Explore our integrations with platforms like Zendesk to send ID requests and receive results right from your current support tool.

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Add routine flows to prompt users to verify their identity as a sign-in method, as step up security before transactions or account changes, or before speaking to an agent.

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