The “Proceed with Caution” banner in the Nametag app marks that this organization's name and logo have not been verified by Nametag and that this request should only be used for internal testing purposes.

Someone sent me a request that has this banner. Should I trust them?

No. Unless you are part of a team actively setting up Nametag for use with your organization, you should not trust this organization with any of your personal information.

How can I get rid of this banner in my project?

If you're looking to use Nametag to verify your customers or employees, and want to get rid of the caution banner, sign into your Nametag organization and navigate to the billing page in the configure tab.

If you've already added a payment method but are still seeing the banner, it's because we still need to make sure you're not mis-representing yourself as another organization.

Note: When you add a new environment or modify its branding properties, we may need to re-verify your account to ensure your brand is still accurate.