Employment Fraud Is Growing. Here's How to Onboard Remote Employees Safely and Securely

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Remote work has opened up new opportunities for companies to recruit talent from a pool of applicants around the world. But while recruiters and HR teams are drowning in candidates, fraudsters are taking advantage of this paradigm shift to infiltrate companies, and exploit the access they receive as company employees. 

Company controls are not prepared for this influx of new, remote employees. Nametag has the answer. 

By reinforcing your onboarding process with security solutions that tie logins to a government-issued ID and real-time authentication, Nametag offers your HR representative the ability to deter corporate espionage, and secure proprietary company information or personally identifiable information (PII).

Why Onboarding Processes Are Unprepared for Remote Work

As companies begin to hire remote applicants, existing company onboarding processes are struggling to keep pace. Unless an HR team has a solution in place to proactively weed out fraudulent actors, these malicious actors are sucking up valuable company resources and time to interview and screen these applicants. 

To make matters worse, if an organization hires these fraudsters and these “new employees” start before their I-9 verification is complete, they’ll gain access to the company’s infrastructure, intellectual property, and employee or customer information, which they can steal immediately. 

While Nametag has taken steps to help HR representatives proactively prevent employee fraud cases, we’re also determined to help them close security gaps in their onboarding process to make sure that only verified and legitimate employees can access company resources. 

How to Prevent Fraud from the Beginning

Recruiters and HR teams need a solution that will regulate the onboarding process and manage access to privileged data for incoming employees. Even if a fraudulent applicant manages to successfully slip through an interview and screening process undetected, Nametag’s Sign in with ID solution can deter fraudulent employees by protecting access to valuable company resources and property. 

By deploying Nametag’s Sign in with ID solution internally, you can tie access to sensitive company data to a person’s government-issued ID - tying their access and activity to a real person. By doing so, you can hold an incoming employee accountable for what they do with your organization’s proprietary data and resources.

Nametag streamlines and secures the onboarding process without impacting your organization’s compliance requirements. We offer a lightweight solution that only shares the information that you need to authenticate a person’s identity, and take measures to protect your privacy, like using a device’s native security features for authentication, and not another centralized service.

Looking Ahead

As companies continue to hire remote workers and implement work-from-anywhere policies, the Nametag team is ready to support businesses that want to protect their valuable IP from employee fraud with lightweight, frictionless identity security technology. 

We support an extensive library of federal and local government identity documents from 250 countries and territories, so you can truly make the most of the global talent pool, and scale without limits, no matter where your employees are located.

If you’d like to connect with one of our experts to discuss how your HR team can secure their hiring processes with our Multi-Factor Identity solutions, you can schedule a demo with us at the link below.

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