How Digital Identities Will Streamline Your Customer Service

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Enable Self-Service Account Recovery

Nametag sends MFA and password resets to self-service while protecting your helpdesk against social engineering.


Security questions don’t prove account ownership - or create positive customer experiences. While the rest of the world has moved on to one-click digital storefronts and other tools to create a lightning-fast customer experience, customer support has been left in the dust. 

Today’s customer support teams aren’t just people-intensive - they’re increasingly vulnerable to fraud and customer impersonation. In any 8-hour shift, customer service representatives are expected to take as many calls and assist as many frustrated customers as they can. And when they’re expected to connect and resolve client issues as quickly in under 500 seconds, it’s difficult to verify that someone is who they’re claiming to be on top of everything.

At Nametag, we’ve developed tools to empower you to automate your caller ID verification and bring your Customer Support Experience into the 21st century and save you some money, time and resources. Here’s how it works: 

A Digital-First Solution for Today’s Customer Support Needs

When reps rely on the personally identifiable information (PII) you have on file to authenticate someone, it creates two pain points for your team:

  • If someone calls your customer support hotline, they can bypass your verification process if they have the information they need to make changes to a customer account and wreak havoc. 
  • Keeping this database of PII increases compliance burdens and your cybersecurity risks. 

Nametag’s identity verification solution is designed to help you tackle those problems. We give you an affordable, fully digital identity authentication portal that’s easy to set up and use. 

When a customer calls for support, your reps can use the Nametag portal to generate and send smart links through email or your company’s chatbots, live chats or even SMS. 

By following that link, your customer will be able to quickly validate their identity using their government-issued ID and a real-time selfie. They won’t have to download any new apps or give their information - it’s done through a secure app clip (for iOS) or mini app (for Android) on their phone that only shares the information you need. 

By adding these additional layers of protection to your customer support process and your client accounts, you’ll be able to deter customer impersonation attempts and bad actors the moment you request ID verification and put the power to control what information gets shared back into your customer’s hands. 

Your Go-To-Hub for Digital Identity Verification

At Nametag, we’re dedicated to streamlining your Customer Support Center’s operations and giving you easy access to digital tools that will help you and your team get some valuable time, money, and resources back each day.

Our solutions are designed to help your reps decrease their call lengths and prevent fraud at one of the most highly targeted attack vectors. By empowering your team to resolve issues fasters, you’ll also improve your Customer Experience and increase their satisfaction. 

Looking Ahead

Automating Caller ID verification is just the beginning for our customer support-focused solution. The Nametag team is proactively taking steps to help our clients with their digital identity verification and compliance needs. We’ve just received our SOC 2 Type 1 certification to help our clients achieve the security and confidentiality standards that their compliance frameworks set, and we’re looking to expand support for our Multi-Factor Identity technology even further. 

To learn more about how Nametag can revolutionize your customer support team, you can request a demo here.

Secure your helpdesk against social engineering and impersonators.
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