Protect Your Workforce from Lockouts During Pre-Enrollment

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Increase security and reduce support costs

Protect your help desk against social engineering and impersonators while saving up to $84 per password reset.

As your enterprise adopts new security measures, Nametag doesn’t just enable you to quickly roll out new solutions. Here’s how we make sure none of your employees are left behind. 

The cybersecurity landscape’s rapid evolution requires security and IT teams stay one step ahead of emergent threats. However, these overextended teams can struggle to roll out these security measures to their entire organizations. Often, security and IT professionals will “pre-enroll” test groups of employees, and gradually scale deployment of new solutions, setting a final deadline for employees to opt-in and comply with new security policies. 

The Problem with Pre-Enrollment

Unfortunately, this approach is imperfect. Selective, ad-hoc pre-enrollment can create gaps in your organization’s security. Moreover, if an employee loses track of time and fails to meet security requirements before the established due date, they can find themselves locked out of their devices or accounts, disrupting their productivity and workflow, and requiring tedious, manual intervention. As a fall back method, help desk may even ask employees to screen share, or email in a photo copy of an ID to recover their accounts, creating tickets and wasting valuable time.  

No Employee Left Behind

At Nametag, we want to make sure that organizations can enable employees to get back online faster, and enable security and IT teams to both deter and identify potential employee fraud actors and other malicious parties that may submit fake requests to gain unauthorized access.

If an employee is locked out of their company access because they didn’t complete registration for updated security measures, our human identity platform provides IT support and help desk teams an AI-powered Copilot for identity verification, giving your team a scalable and secure method of recovering access, tied to proof points that can’t be replicated. The Nametag Copilot platform uses an employee’s ID and a real-time facial verification system to confirm that an employee is who they claim to be and give them a way to get back online faster. 

Streamline Workflows and Prevent Fraud with Nametag

For security and IT teams, who are responsible for rolling out security measures as needed and proactively preventing fraud, every second of time is vital. Nametag’s ID verification technology additionally utilizes express re-verification, eliminating time lost by “repeat offenders”.

By avoiding the painful, manual processes of restoring each non-compliant employee’s access and also proactively deterring fraudulent requests, Nametag’s out-of-the-box console is designed to optimize and secure the identity verification process by preventing a wide range of fraudulent activities, including deepfakes, synthetic ID fraud, account takeovers, social engineering, phishing, and new account fraud.

Enable Immediate Employee Verification and Security with Nametag

Nametag is prepared to help organizations launch smarter, AI-powered identity verification and authentication as efficiently as possible. Our Multi-Factor Identity™ technology equips enterprises of  all industries and compliance requirements to eliminate and deter remote work fraud and impersonation attempts from day one with a no-code platform - zero integration required.

Ready to take the next steps to ensure you’re operating in a safe, open, and authentic digital space? Schedule a demo with us to learn more.

Secure your helpdesk against social engineering and impersonators.
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