Multi-factor authentication is a critical step. But what happens when someone needs to reset their MFA?

Account recovery is an overlooked source of vulnerability, frustration, and costs. Security questions, one-time passcodes, and other verification methods are easy for hackers to exploit and highly annoying for users. Nametag has the solution.

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Identity verification flows loved by users, hated by bad actors


Prompt your users to verify with Nametag

Send a verification request to customers or employees through your normal support channels, or direct them a branded webpage.

Nametag delivers unmatched security through an inutitive verification flow that takes under 30 seconds to complete for first-time users.


Enable more self-service and empower your helpdesk agents

Once they're verified, self-service users can reset their own passwords and MFA tokens, without having to involve the helpdesk.

Self-service and agent-prompted verifications update automatically in your Nametag console, so agents can focus on providing better support and resolving more tickets.

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Security Innovation

Uniquely secure against AI-generated deepfakes, injection attacks, and other threats

Hackers move fast. Nametag moves faster.

Nametag’s patented technology leverages a unique combination of mobile cryptography, device telemetry, and proprietary AI models. Our approach shuts down persistent and emerging threats like deepfakes and mobile injection attacks by ensuring trusted, real-time captures.

We draw on advanced security features that other providers can’t access, leaving them vulnerable to common threats and new generative AI attacks.

Nametag prevents:

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Social engineering
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Account takeovers
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Injection attacks
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AI deepfakes
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Presentation attacks
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New account fraud

Eliminate account recovery tickets

Up to 50% of helpdesk tickets are just for password resets. Nametag Autopilot enables  employees to reset their passwords and MFA tokens, without needing to contact IT.

Nametag works wherever you work

Global coverage

11,000+ document types


Voice, chat, email and more


iOS and Android

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