66% of organizations were hit by ransomware last year, with 74% of data breaches involving a human element

Don't be the next victim. Protect your company with Nametag.

Lockouts and login boxes are hurting your business.


One click identity verification, from access management to ticket resolution.

Image of a support ticket with someone asking to transfer their pointsImage of a support ticket with someone locked out of their accountImage of a support ticket with someone who can't access their authenticator appImage of a support ticket with someone asking to add a new beneficiaryImage of a support ticket with someone asking to set up their new phoneImage of a support ticket with someone asking to send funds
Nametag Identity Verification

Ultra-secure ID verification in a seamless user flow


Prompt users to verify themselves with Nametag

Send a verification request through your support chat, via SMS, or any other communication channel. Users tap the link or scan a QR code to open an on-device experience, no app required. This unique approach delivers unmatched security and better user experiences.

Image of someone verifying their Reddit account using Nametag

Make informed decisions based on trusted verifications

Verifications update in real-time inside your console. Helpdesk and support staff review the results and examine proof, taking the work of ID verification off of their shoulders. Agents get time back so they can focus on providing better service and resolving more tickets.

Nametag console showing a successful verification result
A colorful 3-dimensional block with an ID card on top, hovering over grey another block

Security Innovations

Uniquely secure against AI deepfakes, presentation and injection attacks

Staying ahead of bad actors

Nametag's patent-pending technology leverages a unique combination of mobile cryptography, device telemetry, and proprietary AI models. Our approach shuts down persistent and emerging threats like deepfakes and mobile injection attacks by ensuring trusted, real-time captures.

We draw on advanced security features that other providers can't access, leaving them vulnerable to common threats and new generative AI attacks.

Nametag prevents:

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Social engineering
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Presentation attacks
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Account takeovers
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Injection attacks
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Synthetic identities
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New account fraud

Deflect account recovery calls entirely

30-50% of helpdesk calls are for password resets. Nametag enables your employees and customers to recover their own accounts without needing to involve your helpdesk at all.

Image showing Nametag's self-service password reset (SSPR) solution

Nametag works wherever you work

Global coverage

11,000+ document types


Voice, chat, email and more


iOS and Android


Nametag stops the social engineering attacks and impersonation attacks that lead to data breaches and ransomware, while reducing friction and improving experiences for real users.

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