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How to Reset Your Duo App

Duo is a two-factor authentication (2FA) solution that generates one-time passcodes and receives push notifications. Companies use Duo to add an additional layer of security to their users’ accounts, and is particularly popular with higher education institutions. Unfortunately, if you need to reset Duo (for example because you changed phones), the process is usually long, frustrating, and, ultimately, insecure.

Reset Duo with Default Options

If you lose or upgrade your phone, or otherwise lose access to your Duo app, you’ll need to reset it. To do this, you’ll most likely need to contact your company’s IT helpdesk. 

Duo does offer a self-service portal that administrators can enable, which allows users to change their own authentication devices. However, for security reasons Duo recommends that administrators only enable the following authentication methods:

  • Verified Duo Push (doesn’t work if the user can’t access their Duo App) 
  • Security Keys and Touch ID (the user may not have their security key with them, or may be using a different device)

Some organizations, like Wayne State University, have users log in to their company (or school) account with a username and password, then enter a one-time passcode sent to the user via text message or phone call. 

Wayne State University Duo Mobile App Reset Screen
Duo Mobile App Reset – from Wayne State University

Unfortunately, this creates vulnerabilities and IT tickets: SMS passcodes are vulnerable to phishing, interception, and SIM swap attacks. And sometimes, text messages just never arrive, forcing users to contact IT for help (where they’ll need to be verified via their Duo app, which they can’t access, or via other factors, which are insecure).

The better way to reset a Duo password or Duo MFA app is to use Nametag.

Self-Service Duo Reset

Nametag perfectly compliments Duo by enabling users to securely reset their Duo apps entirely on their own. Here’s how to reset Duo with Nametag:

  1. Navigate to your company’s Nametag account recovery microsite.
    Enter your work email address, and then scan the QR code with your smartphone. This will launch the Nametag experience on your device.
  1. Follow the instructions to verify your identity with Nametag.
    Scan the front and back of your government-issued ID document. You can use a driver’s license, passport, or any of 11,000 other forms of government-issued photo ID.
  1. Take a selfie.
  1. Wait for Nametag to verify your identity, then hit “Close”.
  1. Return to your microsite. You will now have the option to reset your Duo app.
  1. Click “Reset multi-factor authentication” for Duo, then follow the instructions to sign in to Duo and set up new MFA options.

Nametag integrates with Duo to close a critical security and experience gap: the Duo recovery process. Organizations using Nametag with Duo save up to 30% of their helpdesk costs by deflecting MFA resets to self-service, while protecting employee accounts from takeovers.

Watch a demo of self-service account recovery with Nametag Autopilot, then get in touch to start automating your Duo MFA resets.

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