Multi-Factor Identity

What is Multi-Factor Identity?

The next generation of digital identity is here. In today's digital world, most authentication factors verify ownership, not people. But there's a better way, a way that verifies the actual person behind the device.

Nametag uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and a real-time assessment of cryptographic mobile data to create a multi-dimensional view of a given user's identity when they attempt to verify themselves.

We call this unique technology Multi-Factor Identity.

Users are given full control over their information, are shown exactly what will be shared with each company, and are asked for explicit consent.

As with all machine learning-based technologies, our system continues to get smarter over time. The following 4 components work in tandem to create and maintain Nametag's powerful identity verification solutions:

Document legitimacy

Users begin by using the same form of identification people use in the physical world: a government-issued photo ID. We analyze this document for legitimacy to ensure it’s real, using advanced AI-based technology to replicate what someone does when you hand them your physical ID card.

Biometric individuality

Next, users take a live photo of themselves so it can be matched to the photo on their government-issued credential. We use proprietary AI-powered facial biometrics to verify the legitimacy of the photo, and then use the latest facial matching technology to ensure strong confidence.

Situational context

We analyze the types, frequency, and nature of information you share to recognize potential anomalies. Over time, we will continue to allow users to add other types of data to their Nametag profile (their “vault”) which creates a virtuous cycle that improves Nametag’s ability to alert the person of unusual activity and to continuously improve our system's confidence.

User consent

Any request to confirm their identity or approve data sharing goes to a secure app on the user’s mobile device. This provides strong authentication similar to an authenticator app, but we’ve bound all of the factors to your profile and protected inside the secure enclave of your smartphone.
As always, Nametag only shares information when a user specifically asks us to. When a user goes through the verification flow, they consent to sharing their information and attest that it's accurate. If anything looks awry, our console notifies you and sends their identity for manual review.

Learn more about Nametag's approach to digital identity verification.
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