Battling Modern Day Art Thieves

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As next-generation virtual communities emerge, community administrators, developers, and community members alike are searching for a solution to help them verify the security and authenticity of digital assets, from virtual properties to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Today’s consumers, artists, and traders rely on the blockchain to store and authenticate their pieces while managing their resale values. But much like today’s Web 2.0 content, the NFT landscape is facing rampant copyright and plagiarism issues, from users accidentally purchasing duplicated NFTs to creators facing copyright infringement themselves, creating problems for every user. 

While the community is currently relying on tools like social media or Google’s reverse image search or searching multiple NFT storefronts to evaluate the rarity and value of a potential purchase, it’s not sustainable for buyers or artists to act as copyright sleuths to protect their work. 

At Nametag, we believe that by helping users solve the unique challenges of each facet in their digital identities, we can empower you to curate and enjoy a more authentic online experience.

How to Identify an NFT’s True Creator

As our CEO, Aaron Painter pointed out, “we often fall back on… the least secure method, particularly when things go wrong” to solve issues in emerging landscapes. Citing the NFT field as an example on Ubisecure’s “Let’s Talk About Identity” podcast, Aaron asked that there’s no holistic or objective process to identify and verify an NFT creator. 

Generally, when a consumer attempts to verify an NFT’s authenticity, they might have to look up a seller’s social media accounts and verify that their online handles match how they identify themselves in the NFT, which is imperfect and insecure. Most Twitter users are not verified, and using social proof to verify a transaction is insufficient.

When examining problems like these, the Nametag team believes that communities like these require a framework that gives artists and traders a secure and convenient way to verify their digital identities will empower artists to focus on expressing themselves through their arts and their patrons to enjoy their art without having to worry about purchasing fraudulent assets or doing their own detective work to vet a creator.

How Digital Identities Can Empower You to Fight Modern Art Thieves

Previously, the Nametag team proposed offering a standardized framework to manage and verify digital identities across platforms in the Web3 space. By helping individuals solve the problems facing today’s metaverses and virtual communities, we can help businesses and organizations establish trust with their customer bases with verified storefronts. 

We believe these practices can also be applied to NFT marketplaces. By requiring users to tie accounts to their real identities, we can help NFT buyers do their due diligence with ease and create a more secure community for artists and consumers alike.

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At Nametag, we believe that platforms have a responsibility to verify the identities of their community members to create a safe and equitable community for everyone. We’re dedicated to supporting companies and individuals in their ongoing mission to identify and neutralize fraudsters and other malicious actors within existing communities. As new communities emerge, we want to help them lay the groundwork to offer a more secure experience to their users. 

As NFT marketplaces continue to grow, creators and consumers alike need a consistent solution to verify and manage NFT authenticity, across different platforms. Our solutions give individuals a solution that actually ties their ID and authentications to their accounts. 

Ready to take the first steps to create a more secure experience for NFT consumers and artists? Schedule a demo with us to learn more.

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