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Enable Self-Service Account Recovery

Nametag sends MFA and password resets to self-service while protecting your helpdesk against social engineering.

As businesses and organizations start to adapt to the digital landscape, their websites become a key point of contact between themselves and their clients, as B2C storefronts or B2B overviews of their products and services, among others.

Unfortunately, recognizing that domains are a crucial method of identifying a company’s legitimate Internet presence, threat actors are launching domain hijacking attacks to steal your domain names from under your nose. The Nametag team is dedicated to providing domain registrars and customer support teams tools to identify threat actors and successfully deter domain hijacking attacks. 

To really understand the threat, we’ll explore how domain hijacking attacks work, actionable steps you can take to protect your domain and your data, and how we can provide registrars with an additional, purpose-built layer of security. 

What Are Domain Hijacking Attacks, and How Do They Happen?

Domain theft and domain hijacking thefts involve a threat actor unlocking your organization’s domain name and transferring it to their own registrar, sometimes without your knowledge. 

But how do cyber criminals take control of your domain? While some will try and compromise the email accounts that control your domain names, others will go as far to call your web hosting services or your domain registrar, impersonate you, and get their representatives to unlock your domain and transfer it to their own registrar, making it difficult to recover your domain again. This eats up massive support time and creates a multitude of tickets that help desks must sift through, often taking days to remediate. That impacts efficiency, headcount costs and overall customer experience.

Unfortunately, customer support representatives don’t have the tools necessary to address this spike in impersonation scams and stay on top of their support call quota. As a result, customer experiences suffer, as CSRs require customers to answer obvious security questions and complete other time-consuming authentication exercises.  

How Nametag Helps Registrars and Web Hosts Secure Domains

At Nametag, we’re committed to providing a security-focused solution that gives your customer support team the tool they need, which works right out-of-the-box and closes the security gap of authenticating someone’s identity with their name, phone number, or email address.

With Nametag’s VIP Support Solution, when your reps receive a request to unlock a domain or make account changes, they can verify a customer’s identity through a web portal purpose-built to their workflows. You can tie authentication to both their government-issued ID and a real-time selfie, allowing you to confirm that the support ticket in question is coming from the person they claim to be, and not a malicious actor. 

Restoring Authenticity to Customer Support

As cyber crime continues to escalate, your help desk is quickly becoming another line of defense between a fraudster and your client’s domains and websites at times. 

The Nametag team understands that today’s digital landscape needs solutions that can restore authenticity to the Internet, and we’re on a mission to deliver security solutions that offer greater security without sacrificing user privacy to deter impersonators and malicious actors in their tracks. Eliminate informal authentication measures and create a better experience for both your customers and your reps. To learn more about how your IT team can leverage our customer ID portal in minutes, you can schedule a demo with us at the link below.

Secure your helpdesk against social engineering and impersonators.
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