Today’s Customer Support Isn’t Cutting It. Here’s How to Fix It

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Customer support is only getting more challenging, for representatives and clients alike. 

More and more companies are making it difficult to reach them through phone hotlines - and their web-based replacements consistently fail to fill the resulting gap. And while this may be frustrating for customers experiencing problems and nowhere to turn, it’s also painful for companies that will get dinged for poor customer service, including Facebook, whose users consistently complain about being ignored, or Amazon, whose users have to go through an extensive process to get ahold of someone over the phone. 

In order to fix the problem, we have to understand how we got here, and what companies need to solve these problems and improve the experiences for both their call center teams and their customers. 

Today’s Customer Support Cost Challenges

In an effort to save the costs of maintaining a call center and a team of experienced customer support representatives, while also adapting to the emerging digital landscapes, companies have pivoted to primarily email or chatbot-based systems. Pressure from the overall costs of security breaches, lost helpdesk efficiency and high cost tickets is causing workarounds to skyrocket.

And even when companies offer over the phone options, they require customers to navigate several automated menus, which can lead to extended wait times. In the worst case scenario, customers have gone public to share their experiences on social media to get a company or help desk’s attention, at which point these frustrated posts have already impacted their reputation. You can find stories of stranded travelers dealing with airline support, long time users of cloud platforms begging to get access to their photos due to lost credentials, or even banking clients concerned about fraud yet unable to access their accounts due to failed MFA, deep-faked voice biometrics or knowledge based questions.

To make matters worse, overtaxed Customer Support Reps aren’t just struggling to meet their efficiency metrics, they are also trying to get their clients the answers and support they need. It becomes understandable that CSR’s may also be anxious about whether callers are who they claim to be - what if the person who managed to jump through all these hoops is a fraudster? This has led to a dire cost in CSR attrition, which in turn cost the organization a great deal of money just to retain, retrain or rehire.

Making Customer Support Sustainable Again

So how can corporations simultaneously offer quality customer support experiences and mitigate the risk of impersonation attacks?

The market has shown a need for a true customer Identity verification solution that streamlines customer support processes and speeds up time to resolve tickets. Leading to better fraud deterrence, better experience and increased margins of revenue. Using this method and CSR can weed out bad actors attempting to flood their support teams by requiring callers to use their mobile device to scan their government-issued ID and match their face biometrics to that ID.. 

At Nametag, we’ve built a solution that gives your reps the convenient Co-Pilot they need to leverage secure identity verification, and empowers them to save time and offer a better experience to your clients. 

Secure your helpdesk against social engineering and impersonators.
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