Who Are You Really Hiring? Eliminating Employee Fraud with Nametag

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While enterprises can take advantage of today’s remote work landscape to circumvent local talent gaps and recruit experienced professionals from around the world, remote work can leave large swaths of an enterprise – from HR teams and managers to IT officials – at risk of fraud. After all, the downside to remote hiring means that you may never interact with the coworkers you hire. 

As managers hire a growing number of employees that they have never met in person, Nametag is dedicated to helping organizations understand exactly who they’re hiring. Our security solutions offer you the chance to add a layer of identity verification to your hiring process and tie a real person to the face behind the screen. Without the anonymity that today’s digital accounts can provide, you can reduce the risk of employee fraud - or identify a fraudulent applicant sooner rather than later.

What is Employee Fraud?

In today’s remote landscape, it’s entirely possible for employees to successfully complete an entire hiring process without a face-to-face meeting with a manager or a decision maker at their prospective employer.

However, when these new employees start their first day and receive a company laptop or access to key tools or accounts, it’s easy for them to show up, steal their “new employer’s” intellectual property and vanish without ever being identified by the company’s HR team. 

At Nametag, our team has seen employee fraud cases like this firsthand - so we sat down to ask how we can help HR teams close security gaps in their hiring process and get more visibility into candidates before it’s too late. Here’s what we found.

Protecting the Keys to Your Kingdom

HR teams cannot be detectives running background checks full time. Organizations need a tool that can help them tie digital candidate profiles and applications to real people. But what if your HR team could verify every applicant they screen and deter fraudsters that might try to slip by without being identified?

Nametag's “Sign in with ID” solution can help applicants prove that they are who they claim to be, by tying their applications and job search accounts to their government-issued ID and real-time authentication through a selfie. 

An Applicant-Friendly Solution

However, our team also believes in an applicant’s right to privacy. While we pride ourselves on offering fast (and reusable) proof of identity to users (and seek to extend this to applicants), we want to make sure that applicants don’t have to overshare in order to apply for a job. 

Our Privacy Mask technology is designed to only share the data that a company needs, helping applicants preserve their personal details and helping companies avoid the compliance pains that come with holding too much personally identifiable information (PII). 

Looking Ahead

As companies continue to hire remote workers and implement Work-From-Anywhere policies, the Nametag team is ready to support businesses that want to protect their valuable IP from employee fraud with lightweight, frictionless identity security technology. If you’d like to connect with one of our experts to discuss how your HR team can secure their hiring processes with our Multi-Factor Identity solutions, you can schedule a demo with us here.

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